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Training Notes

Post by ToRc Kaonashi on Thu Dec 10, 2015 7:48 pm

How to recruit people into ToRc Clan AKA Torch Clan
Motto: We blaze through our enemies and strive to become the best!
• We are a start to a competitive gaming structured clan and we hope to get somewhere while at the same time you are having a fun and enjoying being in ToRc Clan.

• Tell them they must put ToRc as Clan tag in game at least but we do love if they change their gamer tag and can receive a rank increase if done so.

• Let them know that their bio doesn’t need to mention ToRc but if they want they can do so but their location needs to show what rank they are within the clan.
Rank Structure:

1. PVT -Private
2. PFC -Private First Class
3. CPL -Corporal
4. SGT -Sargent
5. SSG -Staff Sargent
6. MSG -Master Sargent
7. LT1-4 -Lieutenant (1st being the highest 4th lowest)
8. CPT1-4 -Captain (1st being the highest 4th lowest)
9. MAJ -Major
10. GEN -General
11. CO-FO -Co-Founder
12. FNDR -Founder
13. CO-DIV -Co-Division Leader
14. DIV -Division Leader
15. DIR -Director
15. SNDR -Senior Director
16. SNEC -Senior Executive
17. BOD -Board of Directors WILL HAVE

Rank Up:
• Meetings
• Game Nights ( At least always 1 hosted a week)
• GamerTag Changed to ToRc ______________
• Being active on the forums page ( Let them know they must sign up on the forums its required)

Rules or laws to follow:
Respect all clan members and Non-clan
members. Harassment, Sexual Harassment,
Racism, Offensive or Threatening Behavior, Disrespect.

Meeting times:
Tuesdays and Saturdays 8PM EST Time
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